New Twitter for Arda Marred

We have created a separate Twitter for Arda Marred: @ArdaMarred ( Please follow for news about game updates, work on the game etc. We hope to tweet frequently.

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We are currently making huge changes, additions and improvements to Arda Marred. Stay tuned!

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Another mention of Arda Marred on the world wide web…

A thread on TORN’s forums brings up Arda Marred:

“… Arda Marred might be worth a second look. It does seem to be more fully realized, whereas Cubicle 7′s system [The One Ring] is much more limited in scope if one is only looking at the Core Books …”

Yes, we intend to have a great scope, with peoples of the First Age and beyond, though we are not there yet.

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Arda Marred mentioned in Basic Roleplaying discussion

Arda Marred gets a mention in this interesting thread about Middle-earth conversions of Basic Roleplaying.
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Arda Marred Update: Sight

After plenty of number crunching, we have finally nailed down new rules for the Attribute Sight in subsubsection in the Rulebook (p. 1-11). The rules are perhaps the most realistic ever devised for this attribute in a tabletop RPG.

As always, the updated Rulebook can be downloaded in the Game Materials Download menu.

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